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Veterinary Home Hospice - In-home Hospice and Euthanasia

Saying Goodbye with love and dignity A peaceful & intimate transition for your family

Veterinary Home Hospice was created in honor of my beloved German Shepherd, Charlie, who was euthanized in my home in the summer of 2006. Although we shared a lifetime, and the end seemed too soon, I am still comforted that he passed in my arms and in his own bed. Since his passing, it has been my mission to share this gift by providing quality home hospice care and compassionate in-home euthanasia with my clients and patients.

Why is in-home euthanasia preferred
by many pet owners?

Dr Flores with her four-legged children, Gertie & Carsley

Euthanasia performed in the privacy of your home brings comfort during a difficult time.  Your pet will be more relaxed and comfortable in a familiar and secure place—in her own bed, under his favorite tree, or even on the couch that has been hers since the day she arrived.  The in-home setting also allows a more personal experience for the whole family. The loss of a pet can be particularly difficult for children to understand. At home children feel secure and are free to express their emotions openly and authentically. Including children in the process in a safe environment will empower them with a life long understanding about loss.

What can I expect during an in-home euthanasia?

Every home visit experience is unique. Each family brings something different to the experience.  For some, it is a time for private reflection and for others it is a time for family gathering. I encourage personalized ceremony and will accommodate your beliefs and traditions.

How does the euthanasia procedure work?

After an introductory period an injectable sedative is given in a manner similar to a vaccine. This sedation typically takes effect 5-10 minutes later and allows your pet to relax completely.  When the time is appropriate a final intravenous injection is administered, and your pet will pass quickly and peacefully.

How is aftercare handled?

Aftercare is a personal choice.  Private cremation is one option.  Burial is another.  For those who choose cremation I entrust my patients to Cal Pet Crematory, a locally owned and family operated business I have worked with for over 15 years.  I will arrange for in-home pick up in accordance with our appointment time. In-home pick up services are only available from Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm with special arrangements for Saturdays.  Payment for cremation is made directly to Cal Pet Crematory.  Ashes are typically returned within 1-2 weeks.

If cremation does not suit your family, you may consider private burial.  Please check your local ordinance for home burial restrictions. Alternative aftercare services can be arranged for an additional fee.

Consultation fees range from $65-$175 and in-home euthanasia fees are based on patient weight and range from $300-$450. Additional fees may apply on evenings and holidays. As a client courtesy, my services will also include notifying your regular veterinarian of your pet's passage.

If I’m not ready to say goodbye, is hospice care
an option for my ailing pet?

Hospice is a philosophy of care which focuses on compassionate supportive medical and emotional care for patients with life-limiting illnesses.  It is essential that the emotional care aspect of hospice extends to both patient and client.  For many pets and their owners there is a difficult time prior to the passing that may require additional in-home care by you.  This can be overwhelming and even frightening.

I am available to provide phone or in-home consultation to help manage pain, simplify medication regimes, provide instruction for fluid administration or feeding tubes, and establish quality post-operative care and immobilized/paraplegic patient care.

Please call me with your questions, knowing when is the right time is never an easy decision.

To contact me, call 626-344-0381


Eve Flores, DVM

To contact me, call 626-344-0381